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A Unique Indian Traditional Costume Contest AAGAAZ Princess 2017 - AAGAAZ Queen 2017 CONCEPT With great pleasure this year, G.Noida Industrial Devlopment Authority is organising Aagaaz –a unique Traditional Costume Show Contest

From last 17 years G,Noida Flower Show is serving the people in every possible way through the medium of Art, Culture & thus it has concentrated its activities in promoting various Performing Arts & other multifarious activities. It has also emphasis on Classical & Folk heritage of Dance/ Music & Crafts/ Weavers of India. Keeping in the view above mentioned ,Inspired by the rich heritage of the Folk & Craftsman of the very remote villages . Moreoveras our Indian Youth is getting attracted more to modernity of Western Countries &in order to setawareness in General Publicabout our rich traditional culture this year we have design vkGAAZcontest. Though the main concept of the event is to promote a healthy entertainment atmosphere for the common people especially for the youth, but it will be also be a platform to express & explore the dream & desires of the participants. The competition will develop healthy sportsmanship among the competitors. In addition to a huge gathering of elite audience, the Event will also be witnessed by some of the high dignitaries, celebrities & important personalities. The Judges of the competition will be well known Personlities, Dancers, Choreographers. The Event will not only give lots of entertainment to the audience but will be of full of excitement,hungama, masti & dhoom.

Rules Regulation for participation in

  1. Unique IndianTraditionalCostume Contest
  2. Colleges & Institutions are requested to examine and screen out the best performances amongst their students, willing to participate in the contest, before submitting their entries to us.
  3. All the Contestants must have their Identity Cards.
  4. Only contestants accompanist will be allowed.
  5. Please ensure to maintain decency during the performance &mention name &contact no. of the authorized representative of the Institution for further communication regarding the event.
  6. Contestants selected for the contest are requested to arrive half an hour before their performance time at the stage.
  7. The costumes for the above said performance will be purchased or hire by the contestant only.
  8. The contestant has to arrange his/ her own transport to the venue of the event.
  9. All other information will be informed to the contestant by phone.
  10. The event can be telecast on any channel.
  11. Judges decision will be final.
  12. All the contestant must submit their Registration Form till Feb.10, 2017 at Horticulture Department, Ist Floor, Beta-IInd Market, Greater Noida or Flower Show Office, City Park, Greater Noida.


  1. ROUND NO.1    Audition Round – February 17, 2017, Friday Time 05 PM onwards.
  2. ROUND NO.2    Semi Final Round – February18, 2017,Saturday Time 05 PM onwards.
  3. ROUND NO.3   Final Round - February 19, 2017, Sunday: Time 03 P.M. onwards.
  1. FEMALE – Ms AAGAAZ Princess2017, 1st& 2nd RUNNERUPS
  2. FEMALE – Ms AAGAAZ Queen2017, 1st& 2nd RUNNERUPS
Age Group For Ms AAGAAZ Princess – 13 to 16 Years Old & Ms AAGAAZ Queen– 17 to 19 Years Old.
  1. Round No. 01 - Traditional Costume of the particular State you have mentioned in the Form.
  2. Round No. 02 - Folk / Dance Costume of the particular state you have mentioned in the Form.
Round No. 03 - Bridal Costume of the particular State you have mentioned in the Form.

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Registration Form For Flower Show

Registration Form For Flower Show