A Spring Festival Celebration Programme Organised By Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority

Date :-Feb 18th, 2017
VENUE:- Samrat Mihir Bhoj Park (City Park), Greater Noida.



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Name of the Competition


Dance – Folk

Dance –Patriotic  Based

Dance-  Festival Based

Singing – Light Music


Group- School

Group- School

Group- School


Dance/Music Institution


Degree College / Dance & Music Institute

Age Group

Nursery Class

Class V to VIII

Class IX to XII

Age 8-16 years

Age Above 16 years








10.00 to 1.00 P.M.

10.00 A.M to 12.00 Noon

12.00 Noon to 2.00 P.M

03.00 P.M to 4.00 P.M

04.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M

Rules & Regulation for participation in Cultural Programme

  1. School & Institutions are requested to examine & screen out the best performance amongst their students, willing to participate in the cultural competition before submitting their entries.
  2. Please ensure to maintain decency during the performance & mention name and contact no. of the authorized representative of the school/Institution for further communication regarding the programme
  3. All Contestants must arrange their own CD’S & should submit it before their performance. The recorded music should be set on side A.
  4. The Singing Contestants has to arrange his/her own Music Instrument during his/her performance.
  5. List of contestant/ contestants should be attached separately, with the names of the teacher/Group Co-ordinators. Also the song lyrics words & concept of the performance. In case of classical performance, the contestant should know the form of their performance.
  6. In case of Group performance the no. of the contestants should be not below 4 Nos & not more than 16 Nos.
  7. Time limit for each performance is 4 minutes.
  8. All the contestants must have their School/ Institutions Identity Cards.
  9. Only contestant accompanist will be allowed.
  10. The contestant are requested to arrive ½ hour before the time of their performance at the stage.
  11. The contestants has to arrange his /her own transport to the venue .
  12. The costumes for the performance will be purchased or hire by the contestant only.
  13. School/ Institution will have age group junior (Class V to VIII) & Senior (Class IX to XII).
  14. Filmy composition will be allowed No vulgar performance will permitted and final decision will be of the organizing committee & it will be binding upon all the contestants.
  15. From Each Serial No. Competition only one performance is allowed from the School/Institution Category.

Rules & Regulation for participation in Other Activities

  1. Participants need to Carry their own drawing boards, Colours ( Pencil, Crayons, Wax colour, Poster colours etc.)
  2. Greater Noida Authority Provide only Drawing Sheet.
  3. Competition will be organize in Internal area of City Park only.
  4. Students must Carry valid School ID with them.
  5. The decision of our esteemed Judges regards the winners will be considered final and not open to debate/argument of any kind.
  6. Students must finish their drawing/Painting in the allotted time. No extra time will be given beyond 11:30 A.M.


    1. The winner of the various competition will be given 1st ,2nd ,3rd prizes. Judges decision will be final.
    2. All the contestant must submit their Entry Form at Horticulture Department, Ist Floor, Beta-IInd Market, Greater Noida or Flower Show Office, City Park, Greater Noida Between 10.00 A.M to 2.00 P.M by Feb 14th, 2017. All other important information will be informed to all the contestants by the phone.
    3. Performance selected best will have to give their performance again at the closing ceremony of the flower show i.e Feb 19th , 2017 at City Park, Greater Noida.

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Registration Form For Flower Show

Registration Form For Flower Show